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Grid Inverters

Our range of grid-connect inverters feature the latest in power electronics technology and are designed for maximum efficiency , safety and power conversion from your solar module array.

Power Outputs available:
• 1kW (Maximum 1200W)
• 1.5kW (Maximum 1755W)
• 2.0kW (Maximum 2350W)
• 3.0kW (Maximum 3500W)

• Maximum efficiency of 94.5%.
• Sealed Stainless Steel Enclosure with IP 65 protection. Indoor or Outdoor Installation.
• Independent MPPT channels for maximum power conversion.
• Isolation transformer between inverter electronics and the grid for safety and reliability.
• Earth Fault and Polarity Protection, Anti Islanding Protection.
• Easy field wiring via plug-in connection for DC, AC and communication cables.
• Inbuilt transient voltage suppression on input and output providing lightning protection.
• LED system operation lamp indicators.
• Easy to read multifunction LCD scrolling display front panel and includes the following parameters: Grid Voltage, Output Power, Daily Power, Total Power, Daily and Total Generating Time, Internal Inverter Temperature, Operational Mode, Time and Date Display.
• Inbuilt data logging and PC monitoring software included.
• Hard wire communications kit available at extra cost.