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Renewable Energy in Australia

Did you know?
Wind energy and solar energy are growing at 30% every year. Each time the amount installed is doubled, the cost falls about 20%. This is happening every 3 to 4 years.
(Australian Conservation Foundation)

Did you know?
Renewable energy already produces 19% of electricity worldwide. But Australians only get 8% from renewables.

The Australian Conservation Foundation recommends renewable energy sources as they are clean and safe for our community, plentiful and available now.

The only reason renewable energy is currently more expensive than other damaging sources such as coal is because corporations are not required to pay for the pollution and environmental degradation caused by burning fossil fuels.

Even in the current economy, renewable energy is surprisingly cost effective.
Renewable energy creates pollution free energy in Australia for less than 8c per kilowatt hour. Coal costs about 4c per kilowatt hour and gas about 5c per kilowatt hour. A typical household is already paying around 12 - 22c per kilowatt hour depending on your provider.