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Energy, Carbon and Costs Saving Calculator

Did you know linear tube fluorescents account for over half (58%) of the combined lighting energy consumption and greenhouse
gas emissions in Australia’s industrial, commercial and residential sectors?*


STEP 1: Choose your light and calculate how much you can save by changing to LED
led tube lights  
LED Fluorescent replacement tubes
high bay
LED High Bay
LED Downlight

STEP 2: How many hours a day do you use your lights?
STEP 3: How many lights do you have?
LET'S COMPARE: LED Tube Light vs fluorescent tube NEW LED
1200mm LED Tube
Comparing OLD
1200mm Fluoro
Power 18 Watts 48 Watts (inc ballast) 30 Watts
Power used for year in kWh
Power cost for year, based on $ kWh
What if power costs should rise by
STEP 4: You can change the years: TOTAL SAVINGS FOR YEARS
STEP 5: Choose your state to calculate your emissions           % green power
Total CO² emissions in years in tonnes