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Environmental Power Solutions also stock premium solar electric systems including Bosch, Schott and Solarworld. These German manufactured systems systems come with 230w panels and SMA inverters.











Grid Connect Solar

A Grid Connect Solar System acts as a power station on your roof, feeding power to your home and sending surplus power back to the electricity grid. When surplus power is fed back to the grid, your energy retailer credits your account, with the potential to substantially reduce or eliminate your power bill. You may also be eligible for a solar rebate or other incentives offered by the Australian government. This can help offset the initial cost of investing in a solar system and fix the cost of your future energy needs in today's dollars.

Considering the current government incentives and the increasing annual cost of conventional coal power, there has never been a better time to switch to solar power. It makes sense financially. Typical payback on a system is around 10 years (although, we suggest you contact us to confirm your specific details). Major components such as solar panels, are guaranteed to perform for up to 25 years. Your system ultimately becomes an asset, generating free power and making you energy independent.

Solar Packages

Environmental Power Solutions packages consist of Panels, Inverter, Racking and Standard Installation. When choosing the system that's best for you, Environmental Power Solutions provide the choice between either a Standard or Premium System.

Systems start at 1000 watts and will provide approximately 5 units of electricity per day, with an average saving of $300+ savings in power per year.

When choosing a system, you need to consider the amount of electricity you use, the cost, and the amount of roof space available to upgrade.

Both the Standard and Premium Systems can be upgraded in 500 watt increments.

In order to make the best decision to suit your needs, please call Environmental Power Solutions to arrange a Free quotation for one of our expert solar panel advisors, or complete on the online expression of interest form below.


Environmental Power Solutions are an electrical company with vast experience in residential, commercial and industrial projects.  When we install a solar electric unit on your roof, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that all our personnel are qualified and accredited tradesmen.

1500W Standard Solar Power System

System Components:
• 8 x Monocrystalline Solar Power Panels
• 1.5kw Inverter
• Racking
• Installation
This system is good for people who use approximately 9 units of electricity per day. On average this will produce approximately $570.00 worth of electricity per year.
This offer applies to homes requiring a standard installation
To homes within 35km of the perth GPO
To single storey homes
To houses with standard roof pitch



13 x 100w thin film Schott panels
1100 SMA inverter
Schletter racking and railing
based on a standard installation

Thin film module with a-Si Cells information sheet


SCHOTT Solar has over 52 years experience in solar technology. The company develops, manufactures and markets highly efficient receivers, a key component for Concentrated Solar Power plants with parabolic trough technology, as well as innovative, high-quality photovoltaic products.

Download specification sheets


solar worldSolarWorld

Solarworld 2kw System

System Components:
• 9 x 230w Sunmodule polychrystalline panels
• 2.5kw SMA 3000TL inverter
• Schletter racking system
• This system is of German manufacture

Solarworld 1.6kw System

7x230w solarworld panels
1.7 SMA inverter
Schletter racking and railing
German manufactured
for standard installation

Standard install includes:
• Tin roof
• space for curcuit breaker switch on power board
• average roof pitch
• single storey
• within 35km of GPO



Top of the range products for every application
The Sunmodule Plus® is produced in SolarWorld AG’s state-of-the-art, fully automated production plants, meeting the highest possible quality standards. The different module dimensions allow for the use of the mono- and polycrystalline products in any solar power application – from a residential rooftop up to a large-scale plant.

SolarWorld’s unique plus-sort system ensures more efficiency and better performance. After the performance test, the modules are graded in 5 watt intervals and labelled. Only those modules that demonstrate the nominal power as a minimum are delivered. Maximum security, maximum guarantee: SolarWorld AG is the world’s first solar company to offer a linear performance guarantee. SolarWorld guarantees that the actual power of a new module can only deviate to a maximum of 3 percent from the nominal power during the first year and that this power will not decrease by more than 0.7 percent per year thereafter.

Download specification sheets
Sunmodule Plus SW 220/225/230/235 poly
Sunmodule Plus SW 225/230/235/240 mono
Sunmodule Plus SW 220/225/230/235 mono black
Sunmodule Plus SW 145/150/155 Compact mono black
SolarWorld Brochure


Bosch Solar Energy supplies photovoltaic modules based on high-efficiency mono- and multicrystalline silicon solar cells in the size 156 mm x 156 mm. These modules offer high efficiency and excellent value for money. There are two PV module product ranges, each differing in the number of the cells used.

Download specification sheets
Data sheet Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60 with UL
Data sheet Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60
Data sheet Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60 S
Data sheet Bosch Solar Module c-Si P 60
Data sheet Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 48


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Solar Installation Guide

1. Site visit – we will visit and assess your home , school or office and provide a quote for a Grid Connect Solar System.

2. A quote will be issued and upon acceptance a deposit of $250 will be requested.

3. Western Power will approve the connection and a letter regarding the buy back of electricity will need to be filled out and returned for confirmation.

4. Date set for installation, final payment will be requested .The value of the renewable energy certificates will be deducted from the final price.

5. Upon payment received a qualified installer will install the PV System and all testing and commissioning will be completed.

6. Western Power will have connected the Smartmeter and the PV System is ready for exporting power.


We are Clean Energy Council Accredited    accredited