Key Contracts, Experience and Major Projects

EPS has been involved in providing Electrical and Powerline Services for a large number of clients and projects since the business commenced in 2008.

To highlight the wide range of work and services that our business can provide, the following outlines some of our current contracts and clients, together with a summary of past projects.

Sandfire Resources – DeGrussa Copper Mine

EPS provides electrical services and maintenance for Sandfire Resources at their DeGrussa Copper Mine.

Our current contract covers the supply of labour, plant and materials for electrical and instrumentation installation at the DeGrussa Mine Site, including general electrical maintenance and implementation of electrical projects.

Over the years, our scope of works at DeGrussa has ranged from large electrical projects such as the electrical works associated with building a large Pebble Crusher Conveyor on site, to building power lines and other minor project works.

The following is a small sample of the work performed to date and includes (but is not limited to):

Electrical & Instrumentation Services

Installation of new Pebble Crusher and Column Cell and associated electrical works.


Maintain general lighting requirements throughout the Mine Site including conveyor lighting, general site lighting and the installation of Solar street lighting.

Powerline Installation

Installed and commissioned an 11kV powerline and transformer at the Orica Plant, DeGrussa.

Electrical Maintenance for the Village Site Services

  • Installation of electrical infrastructure including exchanging light globes, installation of power points, exhaust fans, safety switches (RCD’s)
  • Maintenance of waste water pumps
  • Installation and maintenance of Emergency Lighting & setting up procedures.
  • Installation and maintenance of Air Conditioning Units
  • New Kitchen refurbishment including all electrical requirements and installations, together with the provision of electrical engineering for the manufacture of new VSD kitchen fan control boxes.
  • Appliance Testing & Tagging

Narracoota Exploration Camp

Installation of electrical reticulation and ongoing electrical maintenance.

Other Various Electrical Works

  • Installation of Cable Pits, Cable Ladders and conduits etc. for electrical reticulation throughout the Mine Site
  • Installation of MCC’s, Electrical Distribution Boards and Generator Sets
  • Installation and terminations of Optic Fibre and Data cables throughout local networks
  • Supply and installation of 7 Street Lights on Great Northern Highway in conjunction with Main Roads and SFR
  • TSF Switchboard and electrical reticulation installation
  • Regrind Mill Thickener Pump Upgrade
  • Underground Compressor Switchboard upgrade
  • Tailings Scavenger Pump Upgrade and many more

Other Projects

Juwi Renewable Energy Pty Ltd

EPS provides electrical and mechanical maintenance for the juwi Renewable Energy Solar Facility & Battery Station which is located at the DeGrussa Copper Mine.
This facility is a 10.6MW solar photovoltaic farm with a 6MW battery facility spread over 40ha. When it opened in 2016, it was considered to be the largest integrated off-grid solar battery storage facility in use by the mining industry in Australia.
The scope of works we are engaged to perform includes site inspections of the electrical operation of the PV plant and equipment, as well as both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and any other additional electrical works as required.

DRA Global – Perth (formerly Minnovo Pty Ltd)

In 2018, EPS won a tender to provide the electrical and instrumentation works associated with the Concentrate Thickener and Filter project at the DeGrussa Copper Mine site.
This was a major project which was successfully implemented and was carried out over a period of 3 months. It involved the deployment of up to 16 EPS resources, plant and equipment during the course of the project.

Air Services Australia

EPS is currently engaged on a regular basis to provide electrical works for Air Services Australia to maintain the electrical facility infrastructure at Perth Airport and regional airports within Western Australia.

Independent Laboratory Supplies Pty Ltd

EPS has been involved in supporting ILS for many years by providing on-site electrical services by designing and installing electrical works locally for sea containers ready to be shipped internationally. Once they have arrived at their destination, we are then engaged to carry out the rest of the installation and commissioning of the laboratories.
EPS employees have travelled with the client to carry out this work in countries such as West Africa (Burkino Faso, Guinea & Congo), Mexico and Russia.

Independence Group NL (IGO)

In 2018, EPS was engaged to carry out electrical works at the IGO Nova Mine site including electrical works associated with the installation of the FAR2 Mining Water Tanks and Compressor Projects.
In addition, EPS provided electrical labour on a shift basis to support electrical maintenance and various project works over a 12 month period.

St Barbara Camp, Leonora

EPS won a tender for the installation of 136 rooms for stage 2 & 3 of the camp expansion.

Tangible Energy

In 2018 we successfully installed a 100Kw Solar System on the roof of an office building located at 12 St Georges Terrace, Perth.

Electrix – AMI Meter Deployment for Horizon Power Network

In 2015 EPS was selected as a sub-contractor to Electrix Pty Ltd to be the lead Electrical contractor for Horizon Power in the roll out of 48,000 replacement electricity meters with remote reading functionality.
The EPS team completed 23,000 of these installations over a period of 18 months by deploying teams of Electricians across regional WA.
The scope of works for the 2015 project included (but was not limited to):

  • Removal of existing meters and installation of new AMI ‘smart’ meters
  • Installation of AMI meter communications antennae where needed
  • Changing the meter board and fuses
  • Reconfigured boards where necessary to fit the new meter
  • Undertaking remedial action on defects with the Horizon Power meter installations
  • Testing of each meter by way of LV Service Connection testing
  • Capturing of all data including final readings and defect activity
  • Replacement of asbestos boards where required and compliance with all safety requirements associated with handling of asbestos, including wearing of specialised PPE and disposal of the boards as hazardous waste materials
  • Repair of any faulty pole top fuses holders where requested
  • Customer liaison and successfully managing customer queries related to the installation of the meter. (This was often problematic as customers were distrusting of the new equipment and the impact on their household electricity bills)
  • Conducting all necessary testing of the boards and ensuring all were compliant by electrical standards.

Horizon Power – Service and Support for Networks in Derby, Camballin, Fitzroy Crossing and Yungngora

Over a period of 5 years, EPS had a team based in Derby to provide ongoing support for the Horizon Power distribution network for Derby and surrounding areas. The scope of works for this contract included:
  • Attendance and rectification of faults on a 24-hour, 7 x days per week roster basis
  • Maintenance of LV and HV distribution
  • Disconnection and Reconnection of power as part of fault rectification
  • Vegetation inspections and ground clearing
  • Street light patrols and maintenance of general lighting for the Shire of Derby
  • Substation and Transformer inspections
  • Installation of pole top switches
  • Traffic Management and High Load escorts
  • Digging up infrastructure and ensuring ‘Dial before you Dig’ processes were adhered to
  • Locating underground cables
  • Adhering to all Horizon Power safety requirements
  • Complying with Energy Safety requirements
  • Dealing with customers on a regular basis, including distribution of cards to notify customers of power outages and then onsite management of customers in relation to any power outage issues.
  • Horizon Power was acknowledged by Australia’s Energy Industry by winning Best Value AMI Award for this metering project